My Harry Potter Doujinshi Collection

Ok, so on this page, I've managed to get all my Harry Potter doujinshi listed! Yay! The idea is if someone wants to trade with me, it's real easy to see what I have, plus well, if you're looking for doujinshi maybe you can get a bit of info about one that interests you.

So yes, some of these are for TRADE! None of them are for sale, but I'm always willing to TRADE.

If you mouse over the cover scans, you'll see information like title, artist, page count, number or stories, types of stories, and slash pairs (NOTE: This feature is active for most, but not all scans. Some of My doujinshi weren't on hand when I was setting this up and they'll be added later.)

At the very bottom, you can see specific doujinshi I'm looking for. It's possible that if you have one of those, not only would I be willing to trade for it, but I'd be willing to buy it! I'm always, of course, looking for any Harry Potter doujinshi that heavily features Peter Pettigrew. If you have anything like that, and you odn't want it, let me know!

Anyway, if you have something I'm looking for, or are just interested in a possible trade e-mail me at anakinbester @

Doujinshi By Circles

Circle: Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin (So Maou, various)
Sorry, none of these are for Trade

A4 size, 36 pages, PoS based, multiple gags and stories, non-slash Drive you Crazy, B5 size, 12 pages, Harry, Remus, MPP, one story, non-slash B5 size, 14 pages, Harry, Riddle, and MWPP centric, two stories, non-slash B5 size, 36 pages, Trio centric, gag, non-slash

Circle: Wondering Trip
Sorry, none of these are for Trade

At Your Side, B5 size, 32 pages, MWPP, Snape, Lily centric, two stories, possible Remus/Snape Shooting Star, B5 size, 32 pages, Trio and Remus centric, one story, non-slash Full or Empty, B5 size, 40 pages, MWPP, Snape, and Lily, one story (?), no-slash Shisha ga Yomigaeru Yoru ni, B5 size, 46 pages, MWPP, one story, Remus centric, hint of R/S Way of the Silver Serpent, 84 pages, MWPP, Regulus, Kingsley, Lucius, One Serious, long story, no slash A4 size, 8 pages, PoA movie spoof copy book, all gag Just a bookmark, Ron and Harry

Circle: Shisinden
Sorry, none of these are for Trade

Circle: Chokkyu-trap
Sorry, none of these are for Trade

 Unknown title, B5 size, 36 pages, Remus, Sirius, and Riddle centric, two stories + gags, Remus/Sirius implied, possible Riddle/Sirius Crystal Clear, B5 size, 20 pages, Trio, Remus, and Sirius centered, One story, non-slash False Garden, B5 size, 24 pages, Sirius and Riddle centric, One Story, possible Riddle/Sirius Secret Demarcarion, B5 size, 24 pages, Remus, Severs, Sirius, Dracocentric, Two stories+gags, possible Draco/Remus: Note: Features an atypica (and bad!) artist B5 size, anthology, 64 pages, MWPP centric, Anthology: 4 stories, Remus/Sirius a4 sized postcard, a freebie that came with the anthology I ordered from JPqueen

Circle: Mint Water
Sorry, none of these are for Trade
non story flip Book, Sirius and Regulus as children, NOT FOR TRADE non standard size, 49 pages, Sirius and Regulus, non-comic children's illustrational book, one story,  NOT FOR TRADE B5, Nocturnal Children II, MWPP centric, Remus Focus, NOT FOR TRADE B5, Nocturnal Children III, MWPP centric, Remus Focus, NOT FOR TRADE

Circle: Kottou-Chakan (Kaya Ogura)
Sorry, none of these are for Trade
Forever Forest, B5 size, 24 pages, Young!Peter centric, and Older Remus and Snape centric, two stories, non-slash Merry Moon, B5 size, 32 pages, Remus centric, two stories, non-slash Quartette, B5 size, 24 pages, Remus centric, two stories, non-slash

Circle: Hidamari-tei
Sorry, none of these are for Trade
 B5 size, 24 pages, Riddle Centric, two stories, non-slash Country Road, A4 size, 48 pages, MWPP centric, two stories, non-slash

Circle: 2X918 (Karura Sari)
Sorry, none of these are for Trade

For All We Know, B5 size, 22 pages, MWPP, Harry, Three stories, non-slash Fragment of the Heart, B5 size, 20 pages, Remus, Sirius, James centric, one stories, non-slash

Circle: ProtoType-NG
Both of these could be traded

New Type, B5 size, 26 pages, James, Lily, Sirius centric, One story, non-slash Nameless Song, B5size, 22 pages, James and Sirius Centric, One story, non-slash

Circle: RROC (Rito Kohsaka)
Not for Trade

Montage, by RROC, B5 size, 40 pages, Tom Riddle centric, Two stories, no slash, NOT FOR TRADE Montage, by RROC, A4 size, 7 pages, Character sketches of the Parent generation, NOT FOR TRADE, a gift from Jateshi

Circle: Butter Scotch
Mouse Over for Info on Trading

Like a Prayer, B5 size, 26 pages, James Centric, One story, non-con slash, R, Lucius/Peter/James (I think!) POSSIBLE TRADE Fragile, B5size, 33 pages, James and Sirius centered, one story, James/Sirius NOT FOR TRADE

Circle: Warabi of MT
Sorry, These or Not for Trade

A4 size, 300 page, MWPP centric, Anthology: collects Lune 1-3, non slash A4 size, 283 pages, MWPP centric, Anthology: collects Lune 1-3, non slash

Miscellaneous Doujinshi

Mouse over the image for trade information

Stand by Me, by Jelly Beans, B5 size, 44 pages, MWPP centric, one story+gags, no slash, NOT FOR TRADE koko kami shyounen (?), by Giraffe,B5 size, 32 pages, MWPP centric, one story, no-slash, NOT FOR TRADE blossom, by So/Shast, B5 size, 26 pages, MWPP+Lily centric, two stories,+ gags, James/Lily, NOT FOR TRADE The Invisible Wing, Hinemos, B5 size, 20, Remus centered, One story that is to be continued, possible Remus/Sirius, NOT FOR TRADE Tomorrow Will Be Wonderful, Mitsuki/Heieakouou, B5 size, 38 pages, Peter centric, One story, no slash, NOT FOR TRADE Difference, by Chiruu, B5 size, 22 pages, Ron and Sirius centric, One story, no slash, NOT FOR TRADE My Brother, by ?, 31 pages, Weasley Family centric, one story, non-slash, NOT FOR TRADE Hitoshi, zuku no ?, by cherrybeans, B5 size, 18 pages comic, 7 pages novel, Sirius, Peter, Ron, Harry, Two stories (not counting novel), Peter/Sirius, NOT FOR TRADE Hataraku Onii-San, by Rosy Cheeks, B5 size, 24 pages, MWPP, Snape centric, multiple gags, Remus/Sirius, Girly Snape, POSSIBLE TRADE Promise Land, by Pessimist Sabbath, B5 size, 44 pages, James, Sirius, Lily centric, one story, non-slash, POSSIBLE TRADE Memento Mouri 3, by HIS, B5 size, 24 pages, Remus, Sirius, Regulus, one story, Remus/Sirius Sweet Honey Kisses, by Rae Hasutsuki, B5 size, 38 pages, Ron, Harry centric, One story + gags, Ron/Harry, POSSIBLE TRADE Long Vacation, by Haribate, B5 size, 24 pages, Twins+Percy, One story, Percy/Penelope, Twins/Percy (R), NOT FOR TRADE ?, by suzumoto, B5 size, 36 pages, James, Sirius, and Peter centered, three stories, no slash Kingdom of Slyterhin, by Omega 3d, B5 size, 46 pages, MWPP, Lucius, Lily, Snape, one story, surreal, parings who knows, NOT FOR TRADE Catch 40 winks, Shinachiku&Tono Anna, B5 size, 54 pages, MWPP+Lily, one story, James/Lily, NOT FOR TRADE ?, by Ninpinin/Maki, B5 size, 28 pages, Peter, Sirius, MWPP centric, three stories, non-slash, NOT FOR TRADE ?, by Naughty Boys 48, B5 size, 38 pages, MWPP centric Lily, Remus, one story (part two of three), Remus/Sirius, POSSIBLE TRADE ?, by ?, B5 size, 38 pages, MWPP centric, one story, non-slash (maybe Remus/Sirius), NOT FOR TRADE Destiny's children, by ?, B5 size, 54 pages, MPP, Snape centric, two stories + gags, Sirius/James(?), POSSIBLE TRADE ?, by ONE'S, B5 size, 20 pages comic, 4 pages novel, Riddle, Harry centric, Riddle/Harry ?, by ?, B5 size, 22 pages, Trio, Remus, Sirius centric, PoA gags, Remus/Sirius, POSSIBLE TRADE ?, by ?, B5 size, 26 pages, Riddle, Trio centric, Gags+ AU story, Harry/Ron, POSSIBLE TRADE ?, by Panzer Percival, B5 size, 12 pages comic,  8 pages novel, Percy, Oliver centric, one story (not counting novel), Percy/Oliver (Hard R), POSSIBLE TRADE ?, by ?, B5 size, 50 pages, Peter centric (with MWPP), one (maybe two) stories, non-slash, NOT FOR TRADE Charcoal Flirt, by Haruki, B5 size, 28 pages, MWPP+Lily centered, one story+gags, Remus/James, POSSIBLE TRADE Air, by?, B5 size, 36 pages, James, Sirius, Remus, Harry, one or two stories, not sure on slash, POSSIBLE TRADE To Have and Have Not, by Orca, B5 size, 40 pages, MPP centric, one story, non slash, POSSIBE TRADE We Long for the Ocean, by M. Shosoin, B5 size, 46 pages, Harry, Sirius, centric, one story, Harry/Sirius, NOT for Trade Little PolarStar, by Wilber, B5 size, 16 pages, a collection of gags and pinups, NOT for Trade, a gift from Jateshi! Title unknown, by Potapota, B5 size, 30 pages, al characters (Tom Riddle included!), NOT for Trade, a gift from Jateshi!

Anthologies By Multiple Artists
Mischief Makers, various circles, B5 size, 98 pages, MWPP Centric, a collection of numerous MWPP based stories by different artists, some slash Large anthology, manga size and pages numbers, trio centric, some James/Lily and Remus/Sirius

Doujinshi I am trying to GET RID of

Mouse over the image for trade information:
If interested; e-mail anakinbester @ hotmail [dot] com for inside scans and more information

Secret Intention by TIR, B5 size, 34 pages, Snape/Harry; ON HOLD for OOK Heathen Prayer, bu HIS, 60 pages, but 18 are a novel, Remus/Sirius, Remus/Snape, ON HOLD for CHUPACHUP Pi Squared by Master and Pupil Lover, 56 pages, One story of a serious natures(TBC), James/Snape, FOR TRADE! Heavy Fucker by Omega-2d, 38 pages; PoA movie parody's and a Harry/Draco story, All characters; Harry/Draco, FOR TRADE (must be over 18)

Doujinshi I Am Looking For

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the only stuff I want, but if you have anything here, I'd trade almost anything for it, even something marked "not for trade."

?? End of Night Still by Mr. Hamada CHIHO (Not sure if that's right), pg 52, parent generation Little Beat Rifle

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