MY Dojinshi Collection

These are the cover scans of most of Doujinshi that I own. This is mostly here to make it easier for me to trade doujinshi. This way there's a quick list of titles that I already have.


I've divided the section up for easier viewing, so just click a section that interests you and mous over the cover scans for information! If I might trade it, it'll say "Possible trade."

If you see something here that you want to try and trade for, e-mail me at with an offer. I will possibly be very receptive to any Harry Potter doujinshi heavily featuring Peter Pettigrew (wormtail) or Tom Riddle. I'm also interested in any Violinist of Hameln doujinshi heavily featuring Lute, Trom, or Clarinet. I make no promises of trade though.

I'm really not looking for any doujinshi in from the series listed in the Misc section, with the possible exception of doujinshi about Anakin Skywalker, Okita Souji, or Sam and Frodo (not slash!!) but it'd have to really good. =P

Go have a look at the HARRY POTTER doujinshi Updated 5/29/06 Several new covers are up, plus a new category listing specific doujinshi I want to get rid of

Go have a look at the VIOLINIST OF HAMELN doujinshi Updated 5/29/2006 Nothing big, just pulled "Sign of the Times 2" off my want list" ^___^

Go have a look at the RANDOM doujinshi